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CyberShield, your 1st line defense against cyber attacks

Experience effective web security with CyberShield, our advanced application firewall designed to actively protect your digital assets from emerging threats and cyberattacks.

Version 3.0 Beta

CyberShield, your 1st defense line against cyber attacks

CyberShield, our Cybersecurity Company's Next-Gen WAF, actively protects your Website & Web Application security from emerging threats and cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity is not a choice

Our Services

Solidify your online presence: cybersecurity web services you can rely on

Web Pentest

Conduct penetration tests on your websites and web applications to assess their security vulnerabilities

Web security

Web Security

Secure your online presence with our website security service. We support a multitude of platforms.

post attack response

Post-Attack Response

Respond quickly to attacks and restore your system's integrity with our expert post-attack response.

Securas Team

The Cybersecurity Company You Can Trust

About us

We help businesses stay safe online by offering proven solutions to detect and prevent cyberattacks. We offer security checks to find weaknesses in your systems, ongoing protection to keep them safe, and help to recover quickly if you are ever attacked. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by keeping your business safe from cyber threats.


Our vision is to make cybersecurity effortless for all.


Be your shield against cyber threats and contribute to the collective effort to build a safer Internet!


Clients Feedback

Electronic Shop

Excellent service and support. Our online shop is now much more secure. Highly recommended!


Outstanding security service. The support team ensured seamless protection for our online library.

Webhosting Company

Securas Team has a team of high skilled professionals who are always up-to-date with the latest cyber security trends and technologies. They provide regular security updates and perform routine vulnerability scans to ensure that our websites are always protected from potential threats.

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